Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FEDCO Failure

The Federal Government is a failure to the people of America. It is a failure because it is not a constitutional government, it is a shadow government that has all of the same elected offices in place, but none of those officers have any allegiance to that constitution, the flag, the song, the pledge, you, the soldier, the worker, the student or anything else you can think of that isn't centered around huge profits for a few fatcats and their political whores that will do anything to get another election dollar. If you step out of the beam cast out from your TV, and actually view the government based on its actions and inactions towards the American people, you will see that there really is no Federal Government unless the people pay it to exist, rally around it for power, and plug themselves into it for a false sense of security. Without your direct support and master slave allegiance it is just a bunch of dishonorable ignoramuses looking to trick you again and again into handing over your labor and savings. It's like a televangelist, only the Federal political preachers have thousands of gods for you to bow to, and each time one god has outlived its deception or is threatened to be discovered, suddenly the njewcasters have another waiting in the wings for you to throw your money at and bow to and believe in. Your faith in government is your own participation in your destruction, your family's and your nation's. The elephant and the donkey are another form of the golden calf. The people sing and dance around it like it's a real thing, but in the end it's a distraction from the fraud and perpetration of your very life. This system of deception and belief is the true test of your life. The con artists give you choice and freewill at every step. They are asking, begging you, to choose between what is the truth and what is fiction. The truth exists in nature and in the universe without mankind even existing. Truth does not require a njews report to function, it is truth, love and it is infinite. The fiction is evident in every single thing the executive, judicial and legislative branches have become, and the corporations and banks they have set up to bilk you over and over again with no tangible return to benefit your life. What do you choose? To hang on while day after day you come closer to the martial law and threats and harassment and bankruptcy that only a fool can deny is a train wreck in progress? Or do you choose the truth, which means denial of the fiction, which means the denial of the FEDERAL Government, its banking partners, Its agencies, courts, emergency management, homeland security, revenue services, the whole gambit gamble. Since none of us have actually seen a constitutional government in our lifetime, let's get that G*dd*mn piece of paper up and running for real, in truth, with all rights reserved, and without prejudice. To start, I challenge anyone to contact their congressional representatives and request a copy of their oath with an authentic signature. If their oath is valid and true that should be no problem. But since it isn't, and since they know their allegiance lies elsewhere, you wont even get a response.

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